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This site has been created to provide you with facts,images and videos about our natural world and to also provide inspiration to visit the many stunning environments that still exist across the globe.

Many of the worlds habitats, wildlife and beautiful environments are disappearing fast due to man-made influences. Population is growing and pollution is increasing.

This site provides a reminder of the the landscapes, wildlife and and ecosystems that are still available to visit or to add to your future buckelist before they disappear for ever.

Animal Life and Biomes

Biome Definition

Virtually every part of our planet is inhabited by animals. Only the very icy wastes at the poles, the chilly summits of our highest peaks and the thin air of our upper atmosphere are devoid of life. Elsewhere, animals exist in great diversity.

There are two main reasons why the earth possesses such a diverse range of animal life. Physical barriers such as mountain chains, oceans, seas and deserts as well as climatic variation have ensured that animals evolve to suite their surrounding environments. These areas of our planet are also categorized as biomes.

Endangered Species

Animals are shaped by evolution to fit their environment. If an animal cannot change to meet the changing demands of its surrounding environment then it will find itself in great danger.

Endangered Cat Species

Snow Leopard – Endangered Species

With the onset of the industrial revolution and the expansion of towns, cities and farmland, man has been systematically destroying the habitats of animals at an increasing alarming rate. As the influence and of man has spread and our populations have increased so has the detrimental impact on local habitat and species.

Measures are now being organized on a world-wide scale to help save animals in danger of extinction. International agreements seek to limit the impact on animals such as the whale whilst many other governments on a more local scale setup national parks and nature reserves to address the impact of hunting and reduction of the natural environment.

The Mighty Oceans

The Oceans cover 70.8 percent of the Earths surface. The largest ocean, the Pacific, sprawls over the vast area of 165, 236,000 square kilometers. which is more than the combined area of all the continental land surface put together.

Our Amazing Atmosphere

About 5,000 million, million tons of gas make up the earths atmosphere. A column of air weighing up to about 1 ton is pressing down on our shoulders. But we do not feel the pressure as it is balanced by the same air pressure within our bodies.

Clouds Formations

The atmosphere is essential for life on earth. It contains oxygen for all animals and carbon dioxide for plants and vegetation. The ozone layer in the upper atmosphere also protects life on earth by absorbing most of the suns harmful radiation. And the general circulation of the atmosphere circulates and redistributes heat around the planet, therefore acting as a huge thermostat.

For any lover of nature their are many interesting features to look out for when studying the atmosphere. Cloud formations, rainfall, winds and storms are all amazing features of our natural world.

National Parks

National parks are areas of land set aside for the purposes of wildlife and habitat conservation. They are often setup by national governments to promote conservation whilst also providing a recreational and educational resource for visitors. National parks have been designated in around 100 countries to date and are an ideal way to explore the natural habitat of a specific country.

National Parks

Take a look at some of the many national parks that can be found around the planet. The 9 National Parks of California or the Mighty 5 Parks in Utah are a good place to start.