Drone Footage of Bowhead Whales

The magnificent Bowhead whale is the planets longest living mammal and can live up to 200 years of age. Take a look at this aerial drone footage taken by University of British Columbia research scientists in the Eastern Canadian Arctic. The drone footage, which does not harm the whales, in being used to monitor their feeding behavior, how they interact with …

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The Largest Fish in the World – The Graceful Whale Shark

The largest fish in the world

The whale shark is a graceful, harmless giant of a fish which can grow to an incredible size during its lifetime. As the largest fish in the world, mature adults reach the size of a school bus, but their diet is made up of mainly tiny plankton and fish eggs which they filter-feed on as they swim with their big mouths wide open.

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The Endangered Grevy’s Zebra

The Critically Endangered Grevys Zebra

The Grevy's zebra (Equus grevyi) is also called the imperial zebra. It is the largest almost extinct wild equid and the and most threatened of the three species of zebra.

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The Critically Endangered Amur Leopard

Critically Endangered Amur Leopard

The general perception most people have of leopards is that they are predominantly indigenous to the African savannas, but there is another subspecies which has adapted to living in temperate forests in mountainous regions – the Amur leopard.

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18 Beautiful Owl Species to See in the Wild

Owl Species to see in the wild

Owls are strikingly attractive creatures – their huge, piercing eyes and engrossingly haunting hoots are a recurrent theme in many stories, myths and legends. Since ancient times, owls have captured the fascination and attention of various cultures.

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