One of the essential components of picking a good bed for your next room is selecting the correct mattress size. Instead of paying for a bigger and expensive mattress, you must determine how much space you need. Queen sized mattresses are the most common type of mattresses, and especially if you are a couple, the queen sized bed will be a perfect choice for you. However, some people still prefer a double-sized bed more comfortable than a queen-sized bed. The following guide compares full vs queen-sized mattresses, covering everything from necessary measurements to advanced variables that everyone must bear in mind before making a choice. Following article will provide a better understanding of choosing a mattress.

Difference Between Full vs Queen Sized Bed:

A full-sized bed, also known as a double bed, usually is 54-inches longer and 75-inches wider. On the other hand, queen sized beds have 60-inches wider and 80-inches longer. The surface area of a full-sized bed is 4,050 square inches while the same parameter of queen-sized bed is 4,800 square inches. Queen sized beds are preferred by couples or by those people who have to share their sleeping space with a child or a pet. In contrast, full-sized beds are better for those individuals who have limited bedroom space and can’t accommodate a giant bed. Queen sized beds provide more comfort while full-sized beds take advantage of affordability.

Which Bed Is Good For You?

Following are some parameters that can help you make a better decision while choosing a mattress or bed.

Sleeping Partner(s): The first thing that you have to consider before buying a bed is to determine if you have to share your sleeping space with someone else or not. Even if you are living alone at the moment, you must decide whether you are going to get a partner in upcoming days or not. For individuals, both full- and queen sized beds work perfectly. But for those people, who have to share their bed with someone else, the queen sized bed is a perfect choice. You can even find some definitive versions of queen sized beds that provide a bit more space than the standard version.

Cost: Smaller bed variants like full-sized beds are less expensive while bigger beds like queen sized beds come with a costly price tag. If a smaller bed is enough for you to have a comfortable sleep, then you should never spend extra money on a bigger sized bed. On the other hand, if you require a giant bed but try to save a few bucks by choosing a smaller version, then all the spending will be in vain.

Bedroom Dimensions: As mentioned earlier, queen sized beds are more significant than the normal beds, and they acquire 15% more surface area than a full-sized bed. If you have other furniture items to put inside your bedroom, then you must choose the bed size wisely. Putting a bigger bed can make your room less spacious while a smaller bed provides you with more space to walk freely.