Pyrénées National Park

List of National Parks of France

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National Parks of France

There are currently ten national parks managed under the French government. Seven of the parks are located in France whilst three others are to be found in French territories overseas (Guadeloupe, the island of Réunion and French Guiana).

The French National Parks are very popular, welcoming over 7 million visitors each year.

Vanoise National Park

The Vanoise national park, which is located in the south east region of France was the first designated national park of France.

It is an alpine region, popular with skiing enthusiast in the winter months and is located between the Tarentaise and Maurienne valleys.



In terms of wildlife, the park has many birds and animals to view. Top of the must see list is the Alpine Ibex, an alpine goat also known as a bouquetin or steinbock.

Other mammals to keep an eye out for include the wolf, Eurasian lynx and the mountain hare.

If you are interested in birds then you can see golden eagles, bearded vultures, Eurasian eagle owl, rock ptarmigans, nutcrackers and black grouse.

Pyrénées National Park

Pyrénées National Park



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