Tossing, turning, on stomach… How do you make your night delightful? Oh come on, don’t be embarrassed, everyone is allowed to have a really good night. And, the amazing part is you wake up relaxed when you sleep in your preferred position. It is, but, heartbreaking that your desired resting posture isn’t approved by your body. Or, it might not be your living core and the mattress is to be blamed.  

I, too, get to suffer from this mini in thinking but the giant problem. That is why I strive to present you with this mattress reviews for your sleeping stance. Here, I have discussed the things to consider for buying your mattress, if you have fluctuating body positions in the middle of the night.

A quick survey of this will 100% benefit you, so don’t wait here. Get a further in-depth and closure view of the best suitable mattresses for you, according to your sleeping manners.


The positions side sleeper is more likely to adopt are “log”, “fetal”, or “yearning”. In each of them, the weight of your body is stressed on an arm, the spine gets curved and mostly the legs are folded inward. I acknowledge that you love to hit the sheets in your way, but, health should also lie on your list as you on your bed.

It is also a justified reason that you’re unconscious in your sleep. And, you can also not take care while snoring but at least you can select a mattress fitting best for your conditions. If all these are your repeated sleeping patterns, look for a mattress with three inches of the comfort layer. An inch more or less is also a fine choice.


The legs and arms are lifted outwards and your front part faces the ceiling. It is the actual position when you tend to sleep on your back. This is always recommended by doctors and maybe your guardians also told you to sleep this way. This is, because, an ideal position for sleeping.

Do you, but, can think that if it is the most preferred sleeping position then it won’t harm you anyway? Of course, it can, if you even pursue a “starfish” posture. This only position’s favor is dependable on your mattress. Seek for a mattress with a thinner comfort layer of almost 2 inches, if you have a habit of lying on your back.


In this mattress review for certain positions, the stomach sleeping is the most harmful. There is a long list to go through about stomach sleeping disadvantages, with zero points in the advantage column. So, try not to adopt this resting manner or get a mattress supporting this position.

if your years have passed with this unnatural posture, it is somehow to be accepted that you might not be able to change your addiction. The mattress, however, could be replaced to avoid any drastic circumstances with your neck or back. So, have a soft and thick comfort layer mattress to balance your stomach sleeping attitude.


When you look for a new mattress, it is quite important to consider a position at first. Whether hybrid or memory foam or medium-firm mattress, always keep your eyeballs on one that compliments your imperfect sleeping posture.

In this mattress review, we have closely look at the facts that cause serious damage to your body anyway due to improper contact of mattress and body. That is why brought up this mattress review. The above-suggested mattress solutions for your sleeping position are really effective. So, do not continue with your old mattress and get a new one, as depicted.